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Hi Brains On listeners! 

You have something we’d really like to hear: your thoughts about the show! We are looking for Brains On listeners who are interested in helping out with our research. You can take an online survey or participate in a family group interview. We’ll use what we learn to make the show even better! Our research will help find out what makes our podcasts work, who is listening, why they listen and the impact the show has on kids, adults, and families. Plus, you get a cool thank you surprise for helping us out!

We'll send out a link to the survey in June, so keep your eyes open! If you are an adult, we may also contact you about family group interviews in the spring. Why are we collecting your email address if the survey and interviews aren't happening now? Good question! We don't know who all listens to Brains On or when they listen so we are advertising our research study in lots of different places over a period of a few months. This will help us gather email addresses from as many listeners as possible. Speaking of, if you know anyone else who listens to Brains On, send them here to sign up as well. 

Are you ready to sign up and help us learn more about our Brains On listeners?  If you are 13 years old or older, click the "next" button. If you are under 13 years old, you'll need to ask your parent or guardian to sign up for you.

Do you have any questions about the research study? Contact Amy Grack Nelson, one of the learning scientists from the Science Museum of Minnesota working on this research. Amy studies what people learn during experiences that take place outside of school, like when you listen to Brains On. Cool, huh? She can be reached at or 651-221-4575.

Thanks for taking part in our research study! 
Brains On hosts & Science Museum of Minnesota researchers

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